Meet the Farmers

Amy and Steve Kurtenbach


Truth be told, any family member of ours or anyone who has known us over the years, is laughing at the header on this page.  No, we didn't start our careers as farmers.  It wasn't even our second career.  Amy was an accountant who became a financial executive, jewelry designer, and most importantly, mom.  Steve was an engineer who became an entrepreneur, and most importantly, the best stepdad in the world.  But, we do come from families who farmed for generations and believe that it might just be in our blood.  

Our story begins somewhere around 1985 when we were growing up in South Dakota.  We were both athletes and like totally 1980's teenagers.  One of us loved the outdoors (Amy) while the other preferred the wresting mat.   As a freshman in high school, Amy may have had a bit of a crush on Steve, a senior at that time, but he politely let it be known that she was too young for him. So, on we went with our lives until reconnecting on Facebook (shocking, we know) 30 years later.  

And, here we are happily living just outside of Washington, DC on a small farm, where we were married in 2015.

Why We're Farming

We bought our farm with the desire to return to a "simpler" life for our family ... as if farming was simple!  We wanted to teach our children what our land has to offer and our obligation to preserve it.  We also thought that they could benefit from a little good old South Dakota farmer work ethic. 

We've found that we make a good pair in this endeavor.  Amy loves working outside and has inherited her Grandfather's green thumb and her Grandmother's determination.  Steve is the chief engineer behind the farm and thrives on designing new sustainable methods for providing the infrastructure and energy needed to run our operation.

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