Storage Tips

All produce delivered from Pleasant Hills Farm will be well washed prior to delivery.  We recommend the following tips for keeping your produce as fresh as possible prior to using.




The best way to keep your berries fresh is to avoid rinsing them until you are ready to use them.  If you do rinse your berries, make sure they are completely dried before putting them in the refrigerator.  Lay them out to dry on a paper towel-lined tray, rolling them around a bit until there's no visible water left on them. Then transfer the berries to a breathable container that you've lined with paper towels, such as the box or basket the berries came in. The paper towel will absorb any excess moisture, and the air circulation will deter mold.  If you find any berries developing mold, remove them from the container immediately.



Limit additional washing of greens prior to using.  Delicate greens, such as most lettuces, watercress and herbs do not withstand multiple washings as well as hardier greens such as kale and swiss chard.  If you do wash before storing, dry gently on paper towels.  Then, I prefer to wrap them loosely in paper towels and store in an unzipped ziplock bag or, preferably, a reusable cloth mesh bag.



Most herbs are too delicate to withstand multiple washings, which will cause them to wilt.   We prefer storing most herbs in a reusable mesh bag in the refrigerator, or an open ziplock bag.  Make sure the herbs do not have visible water on their leaves before storing.  If they do, gently pat them down with a paper towel or loosely wrap them in a paper towel for storing.

Basil prefers to be treated like a fresh cut flower.  Snip the ends, put in a vase of fresh water and sit on your windowsill until you are ready to use it.