Our Produce

Our produce is grown following organic, natural farming practices.  Our agriculture practices grow not just healthy food, but more importantly, healthy soil.  We are committed to using sustainable farming methods to maintain a healthy farm ecosystem including crop rotation, use of cover crops and alternative energy sources. 

We grow many varieties of produce on our small farm and take great care in selecting and testing the seeds that we sow, many of which are special heirloom varieties.

Pleasant Hills Produce

Arugula | Asparagus | Beans | Beets | Blueberries | Bok Choy | Butternut Squash | Cabbage | Carrots | Cucumbers | Endive | Fennel | Garlic | Herbs | Kale | Leeks | Lettuce| Onions | Peppers | Potatoes | Radicchio | Raspberries | Rhubarb | Snow Peas | Spinach | Strawberries | Summer Squash | Sweet Potatoes | Swiss Chard | Tomatillo |Tomatoes | Zucchini

Pleasant Hills Produce CSA

We sell our produce through a CSA membership.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  As a member, you support the farm by buying a share of the produce harvested each season.  We believe that community involvement is instrumental in the revival of small family farms like ours.  For more information on the CSA model, visit our CSA FAQ page.