What's a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, a popular model for buying fresh food and supporting local farms .  In becoming a CSA member, you are buying a subscription share to the produce, flowers and/or eggs grown on our farm.  As a member, you will receive a weekly distribution of the fresh goodies locally grown or made at our farm.   The beauty of the CSA model is that it enables farmers to better plan their crop to meet the demands of their subscribers and provides them with the working capital to fund operations when needed most - at planting time.  The CSA model is shared risk and shared reward model, which means that when the harvest is aplenty you will reap the benefits of our hard work but farming also bring risks that we do our best to mitigate but can have unplanned effects on our harvest.

Why join a CSA?

Personal Health - You get to enjoy seasonal and fresh produce and/or flowers, usually delivered within 48 hours after harvesting.   Our food is grown without chemicals following organic farming principles. 

Economics - On average, our members should save at least 18% off of retail prices.   By supporting a local business you also keep your money circulating in your community.  

Sustainability – Supporting a local farm ensures that farmland and farming knowledge stays in the community, which is great for the landscape but even more importantly ensures that local food will be available into the future.

Environmental Health – Buying local uses less fossil fuel for transportation and farming without pesticides keeps harsh chemicals out of the environment.

Community Building – Knowing your farmer and knowing where your food comes from is a huge piece of creating a stronger community. 

What can I expect in my produce share each week?

We put a lot of effort and emphasis on planning our seasonal crop to provide you with a good variety of staple vegetables including green beans, carrots, cucumbers, asparagus, zucchini, beets, onions, potatoes, various tomatoes, a variety of  lettuce, greens like kale and chard and herbs galore.    You'll also receive some great snack and dessert options from our berry bushes and nut trees.   We take great care in selecting and testing the seeds for our crops, many of which are heirloom varieties originating from around the world.  You can expect that the amount and variety of produce will increase over the course of the season.  For the full spectrum of what you can expect to receive over the season, see What We Grow.

How many people does a produce share feed?

The answer to that question can vary greatly depending on your families' eating habits and how often you eat at home.  However, our large boxes are designed to feed a family of 3-5 and our regular boxes are designed for a family of 2-4, or 1-2 for vegetarians.

Can I pick what I receive?

Sorry, but no.  Each member is investing in a share of our bounty harvested, whatever the bounty may be for the given week.  That said, we take our role in bringing local food to your table very seriously and work hard to ensure that we are delivering to you a good assortment of fresh seasonal produce each week. 

In order to help you plan your meals, we will provide a listing of the goodies you can expect in your box a couple of days prior to delivery.  As part of your membership, you'll also receive wonderful recipes and meal suggestions with your delivery each week.

What if I don't care for an item I received?

We select our crops to bring you a good selection of garden staples as well as some interesting new items to try.  However, we realize that not everyone has the same tastes.  We will have an exchange basket at drop-off for people to swap out unwanted items.   Extra items can be purchased in addition to your share, if availability allows.   We will provide a list of any extra produce available for purchase each week.   You can also shop our online store for additional locally grown and made items to add to your delivery.  We are always open to suggestions of how to adjust the shares to meet your needs so please let us know if there are things that you would like for us to consider growing for the next season or if there is something that you would rather not receive in the future.

What if I go on vacation and need to miss a week?

When possible, please let us know in advance if you will not be able to pick up your share for a week and we will donate your share to a local food bank.  You will still save money with a CSA membership even if you miss a week or two and will be supporting a good cause with a donation.  You can also give your week's share to a neighbor or friend and have them pick it up.  What a great gift!

How long is your season?

Our growing season starts early with seeds started in the greenhouse in January.   With that early start, we can begin harvesting some of our produce in May.  However, we've chosen a shorter CSA season to ensure an abundant supply of the season's best harvest for our members.  Our CSA season runs from the beginning of June through the end of September for a total of 16 weeks.